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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – About the need (or not) to have a strategy

Chapter 3- The hoshin kanri method

Chapter 4 – Use of tools to support the hoshin kanri process

  • Creating X-matrix step by step
  • Building a priority action plan
  • Completion of monthly objectives in the bowling chart
  • Preparation of an action plan from the meeting

Chapter 5 – Step-by-step objective cascading

Chapter 6 – Planning and revising of the hoshin kanri process

Chapter 7 – How to conduct hoshin kanri workshop step by step?



X-matrix – large enterprise – example
X-matrix – medium-sized enterprise – example

About ebook

It is not enough to set yourself ambitious goals to achieve the assumed results. Appropriate priorities should also be identified and will be described by appropriate indicators.

The structural approach to setting goals and cascading them is provided by the hoshin kanri method, which at the same time solves problems in communication between departments of the enterprise.

At my work, I have often encountered situations in which the indicators of one of the departments had a negative impact on the indicators of the other, which never happened again after the implementation of this method, improving the relations between the conflicting departments. I also have seen companies that haven’t had any structural approach for setting goals and their cascading, which after applying this method recorded growth by approx. 20% compared to previous years.

The strength and greatest advantage of hoshin kanri is its simplicity. It helps everyone in the organization understand it very quickly, which is crucial when cascading goals down to the level of a single employee.

The experiences with this method, which I have gathered over seventeen years working in continuous improvement departments and later leading them, are included in this book. You will find there only practical advice and solutions that I use to this day in every company, regardless of its size. Although this book is only 50 pages long, I hope you will find it of great value.

This book is for people who:

  • want to quickly learn how to implement the hoshin kanri process step by step
  • would like to make the X-matrix themselves
  • need a solution for a simple cascading of goals
  • work with the hoshin kanri process on a daily basis

This book is NOT for people who:

  • don’t like “technical” and methodical books
  • would like to read this book in the evening lying in the bed 😊 this is an implementation book!


A great introduction to the underestimated art of strategy implementation. I recommend it to all managers who want to understand why the measure of a strategy's success is its implementation, not the strategy itself ... unfortunately, a basic mistake in many companies.
Fryderyk G. Rdułtowski
Board of Directors Yawal S.A.
Japanese precision and the experience of the homeland of hoshin kanri in its Polish version. The essence of a practical and proven approach to strategic management. Read on! - the reality of your company will never be the same again.
Maciej Kanert
CEO PRO translations
Marcin has prepared a compact and very useful guide. Practitioners will find a fresh and structured view of the entire hoshin kanri process and instrumentation. Beginners, on the other hand, a specific dose of knowledge on how to do it step by step.
Tomasz Ignasiak
Plant Director SANPLAST SA


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About the author

My name is Marcin Hołda and since 2004 I have been professionally implementing programs based on lean management. I have been doing this for many years and in various organizations – I decided to share with you my experience in introducing changes in enterprises.

My practical experience concerns cooperation and work for, among others companies such as General Electric, Alstom, Danone, Cadbury and Mondelez. Working as an internal lean consultant, I had the opportunity to get acquainted with many implementation models of consulting companies, i.e. Shingijutsu, BCG, McKinsey, Kaizen Institute, Baringa, just to mention the biggest ones. Each of these experiences was unique, and you will find conclusions and lessons from them in my e-books.